Grace Missionary Baptist Church

Our History


The Grace Missionary Baptist Church began as a mission work under the authority of the Bryan Station Baptist Church, 3175 Briar Hill Rd, Lexington, KY. Bryan Station is one of the oldest churches in Kentucky, and was organized on April 15, 1786.

Lonnie Bennett, a member of Bryan Station and a man called by God to preach, felt led to come to Frankfort to begin the mission work. A few years earlier, at least two other attempts to start a mission work in Frankfort had been made by sister churches, but had not been successful. God does things in His own time and on His schedule.

Services began in a small four-plex building located at 1134 Old U.S. 127, South, on the west side of Frankfort. A wooden platform, covered with a piece of carpet, and a hand-made pulpit were built by Brother Bennett and set up on Saturday night, July 4, 1981.

Metal chairs were donated by Grace Baptist Church, Georgetown, Kentucky; song books and an organ were donated by Brother and Sister Bennett. Bryan Station Baptist Church paid the first month's rent on the mission building. From that time forward, all expenses were paid by the Grace Baptist Mission. God had enabled her to be self-supporting. The first service was held on July 5, 1981. There were 10 people in attendance: Brother and Sister Bennett and their two sons, Tim and Aaron; Linda and Stanley Ritchie, and their young son, Stan, jr.; Larry and Paula McPherran, and their infant son, William. From the very beginning three services were held every week - Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and during the middle of the week. Brother Bennett and the members felt it was important to let the people of Frankfort know they were serious about God's work and were here to stay.

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