Grace Missionary Baptist Church
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Brother Al Gormley, pastor of Bryan Station Baptist Church, preached the dedication sermon. Approximately three years later on November 9-11, 1990, revival services were held with Brother Dempsey Henderson, missionary to Brazil, as the evangelist. On Sunday afternoon of the revival, the mortgage on this Building was burned. God had blessed! On August 1, 1993, the church voted to build a new auditorium, and connect it to the existing building which would be turned into Sunday school space. The Church gave Brother Bennett the authority to sign another contract to have this building erected. The contractors broke the ground in September of '93, and the first service in the new auditorium was held the second Sunday in January, 1984. Within two and one-half years, the church paid off the mortgage on this building. God had blessed! The Construction of a new fellowship hall began in May of 2001. The last week of August, 2001, the fellowship hall was completed. Two and one-half years later, the church was able to pay off the mortgage on this building also. God had blessed!

God has led the church through three building programs, wonderfully blessing each time. Throughout all three building programs, the church never failed to continue the support of their missionaries, nor did they hesitate to help support new missionaries when a need arose. Missionary endeavors of the church today include: Helping to support foreign and home missionaries on a monthly basis, as well as special offerings; a weekly radio broadcast, two weekly cable TV broadcasts, three nursing home services a month, a website which includes sermons by the pastor and other sound Baptist preachers; a prison ministry every other month, hospital visitation, and any other visitation to present the gospel to others. DVD's of Sunday morning services, and CD's of all weekly and special services, are provided free of charge to anyone who requests them.

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