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2010 Revival Meetings (Joe Collins)

Sermon TitleScripture RefAudioPreacherDate Preached
Our Amazing future1 Chor 2:9Listen  listenJoe Collins04-28-2010 (Revival Meetings)
What do you want me to do for thee?Mark 10:46Listen  listenJoe Collins04-29-2010 (Revival Meetings)
The King is comingRev 19:1Listen  listenJoe Collins04-30-2010 (Revival Meetings)
The Potter's HouseJer 18:1-6Listen  listenJoe Collins05-01-2010 (Revival Meetings)
Shall we ever be with the Lord1 Thess 4:17Listen  listenJoe Collins05-02-2010 (Sunday Evening)
The 11th commandmentJohn 13:34-35Listen  listenJoe Collins05-02-2010 (Sunday Worship)

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