Grace Missionary Baptist Church

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Sermon TitleScripture RefAudioPreacherDate Preached
GOD sustains his creationNeh. 9:6Listen  listenGeorge Kelly05-14-2017 (Sunday Evening)
Seeing the invisible2 Cor. 4:16Listen  listenGeorge Kelly05-14-2017 (Sunday Worship)
Handfuls of purposeRuth 2Listen  listenLonnie Bennett04-29-2017 (Sunday Worship)
Story of RuthRuth 1:1Listen  listenLonnie Bennett04-23-2017 (Sunday Worship)
The resurrection1 Cor. 15:12Listen  listenLonnie Bennett04-16-2017 (Sunday Worship)
He shall shew1 Tim. 6:10Listen  listenLonnie Bennett04-09-2017 (Sunday Worship)
2 JudgementsHeb. 9:27Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-26-2017 (Sunday Worship)
GOD's choice2 Thess. 2:8Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-19-2017 (Sunday Worship)
As cold waterProv. 25:25Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-12-2017 (Sunday Worship)
What Christ means to the churchEph. 5:18-33Listen  listenLonnie Bennett03-05-2017 (Sunday Worship)
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